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No Hangover

When I was a young man every Friday night was boys night out and that involved a lot of alcohol and that meant every Saturday morning I woke up with a hangover. Sometimes I had a bad head but always I was tired and spent the day feeling fuzzy. Then one day I was asked to work late which meant missing out on my Friday night. Working those extra hours changed my view on drinking for ever. I remember waking up on the Saturday morning and for the first in my adult life feeling different. It took me most of the morning to work out what was wrong? Then it dawned on me I was sober ! I spent the whole weekend enjoying the weekend and telling everyone how good sober feels. After that revelation my relationship with alcohol was changed forever. Yes I still enjoy a drink now and again but drunk & hungover ? No thanks.


Everyone knows you sleep better and for longer without alcohol than with it.

Weight & Health

Do you know how many calories are in a single drink of alcohol ! Not only are you saving a zillion calories by not having that bottle of wine you wake up the next day feeling smug and full of energy. The buzz of feeling sober encourages healthy eating and a positive outlook. It’s like riding a bike, easy once you get started. Young people are turning their backs on alcohol and you should too.


It may not break the bank drinking at home but add it to the cost of a night out it soon adds up.

No Black eyes & Law Enforcement

If it hasn’t happened to you then you know someone who can blame some calamity on alcohol. From falling over & breaking limbs to fights, verbal & physical and even drunk driving. How many friends can you name where one of the above has happened ? One person I know lost her job by drink driving and twelve months later fell over in the street drunk and smashed her teeth out. Both very expensive and humiliating experiences.

Also think about:

Mental Health, Your relationships, Your Mood, The things you can achieve when you’re not drinking.

Great Alternatives

The good news is there has never been a better time to give alcohol a miss. It’s not just coke or orange juice now there are many new amazing drinks from Bumblezest’s apple milk and charcoal (yes in the same bottle) to Seedlip alcohol free gin and our favourite cbd Nirvana a drink that definitely has something in it ! ( So do yourself a favour and try these alternatives and feel smug.