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The best diets are the ones that are easiest to follow.

Meal-replacement diets have been shown to be hugely more effective than current NHS weight-loss plans. But they often need the right kind of support to really work according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.

Diets involving replacement shakes, drinks and soups are often dismissed as fad or crash diets, with no long-term potential for maintaining weight loss. But a new study shows they could be more effective than the route the NHS currently goes down with obese patients.

Being obese, or having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30, means a person is more susceptible to cardiovascular disease. Having excess fat is one of the biggest causes of morbidity and mortality, according to the World Health Organisation. Losing weight greatly reduces a person’s chances of developing obesity-related diseases.

If you need to lose weight, combining a diet replacement programme with weekly help from a counsellor is a more effective way to do so than having a series of appointments with a nurse, which is the usual route for NHS patients, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.

“A common but unsupported perception is that such programmes are unacceptable to most people, possibly unsafe, and lead to rapid weight regain” the authors say. But the study, which is the first to look into a large group of adults, shows otherwise. This study shows that replacing meals with low calorie drinks or liquids demonstrates that this did not happen up to a year after starting the diet.

After one year, the participants who had been involved with the TDR programme had lost on average 11 kilograms, while the rest had lost 3kg.

Total diet replacement (TDR) programmes are not a new concept. The idea is simple: a specialised diet is combined with weekly meetings with a counsellor, who gives you tailored support. At the moment, a diet like this is expensive. But the authors of the study hope that such treatments could one day be available on the NHS. There is also good evidence that even without counselling replacing just one meal a day with a low calorie drink will lead to rapid and consistent weight loss.

There are many options available for people in the UK who want to go on this kind of diet, says Nerys Astbury, lead author of the study. These include Cambridge Weight Plan UK Ltd, LighterLife, Counterweight Plus Programme, Optifast Weight Loss Programme and PronoKal.“They can be quite expensive,” she says. “Around £50 per week. However there are alternatives drinks that contain vitamins and natural ingredients that are known to aid weight loss that work out cheaper and can be just as effective but whichever path you choose you will need a certain amount of will power and self discipline.”

Nirvana’s View

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Top physiological Tip ! To guarantee success on any diet tell everyone you know that you are starting the diet. Not only will you get genuine support from your friends your own motivation not to fail will turn you into a winner.